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What's all the Buzz About?

The First Electronic Fishing Lure with vibrating wings!

Fishing LureFor years, people have been trying to trick fish into taking the bait. So what's the biggest difference between a man made lure and a real bug that attracts fish? A real insect is alive! It flaps its wings and moves its feet creating ripples and vibrations in the water. It's these vibrations on the water that attract fish. We want to close the gab between real insects, and lures, and we've done it... introducing the Alive Lure! It's an electronic lure which is battery operated and water activated. This lure has buzzing wings which simulates an injured insect on the water, creating a ripple effect fish cannot resist!

Alive LureWe have spent years perfecting the technology behind this amazing lure. This is the first fishing lure to have electronic vibrating wings to create a high speed rippling effect fish are attracted to. Running up to 17 hours using a button cell battery, this amazing little lure will be a companion for every fishing trip from father and son outings, to professional fishermen. Whether you are bass fishing, pro-fishing, or just out for a relaxing weekend fishing with your friends, this fishing lure is just what you need to catch the big one!

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