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About Alive Lure

Electronic Fishing LureWhile fishing one morning, I tried nearly a dozen different lures without a single nibble. All of a sudden, a big winged insect hit the water. I noticed ripples in the water emanating from its wings... a few seconds later... Electronic Fishing Lurea big splash and the insect was gone! I was there for 3 hours without a bite, how could it be? Walking along the shore I saw another large winged insect on the ground. Tossing it into the water, I noticed the ripples in the water again... boom... in seconds it was eaten!!! "This is not a coincidence"... it had to be the vibrations of the insect's wings in the water attracting the fish. Thinking that if I could design a top water fishing lure which simulates an alive winged insect, it would be the ultimate fishing lure of all time!!!

Seven years later... HERE IT IS! After much research, development, and testing, we proudly introduce the ALIVE LURE to the market. With its high tech, innovative and sleek design, even the smartest fish will be fooled. This is the ultimate top water lure and it is constructed as deadly as electronic engineering could make it!

  • Intelligent Electronic Fishing Lure
  • Water activated and battery operated
  • Intermittent buzzing simulates real insects
  • Alive LureVibrating wings create rippling effect
    fish cannot resist
  • Battery included
  • 3 extra wings included
  • Up to 17 hours of continuous use on one battery
  • FREE SHIPPING on two or more items

About the Creators

Diversified Technology Inc. was established in 2003, by Donald Ritchie and Paul Basso, who have been inventors since 1980. Together they have acquired numerous patents over the years. Now, in 2009, we would like to introduce this newest invention, Alive Lure.

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